Friday, March 21, 2008

Girls gotta Shop!

Mahina and I enjoy shopping together. Since we don't live in the same area or even on the same land mass that can be difficult. When I visited Mahina this summer we went to Nordstrom Rack to find her some jeans. Her jeans were Boring. Mitch likes it when I help Mahina pick out clothes. I get her into stuff that is cute and flattering. She has such a nice figure but will pick out stuff that does nothing for her... BORING. (I'm not being mean we have an understanding... plus if she thought I was mean she wouldn't ask for my help.)

I just got off phone from a 2 hour conversation with Mahina. Even though we're apart, we were still able to go shopping together! Awww the beauty of the internet and free mobile to mobile. Mahina was in the market for a new swim suit... no not the kind you wear to the beach, (she lives in Oregon far from the coast and its cold there... she was talking about firewood and shivering and stuff that I have long since forgotten) but for working out, swimming laps.... that sort of thing. I got on the computer and did a nice little google search and found a great website! I told her where to go and we were able to browse through the suits together... It was almost like we were flipping through the same rack right there together! We were so surprised at the amount of suits they had on this site! There were slightly different cuts (how much can to do to a practical swim suit for swimming laps) but there were a ton of different colors and designs to choose from! Again... mahina likes simple, nothing that draws to much attention. She was able to find just what she needed and for much less than what she was looking at before! This first suit is plain and black yes... but not boring.

Its got this nice criss cross back... nice and simple... classic really.

I'm not disappointed in her choice, in fact I would have chosen the same one! Mahina's next suit of choice got a little more daring added a little touch of color... but not just one color... 2! This Navy blue suit would be boring if it didnt have the light blue piping.... still a very nice suit and you can't beat its price! 20 bucks! This last one I was so proud! This one has more color plus it has a design on it as well!!! Very cute! Mahina you made me proud! And I had a blast shopping with you!
The following suits are more what I would have picked out for myself... Mahina's just not quite ready for that yet! These weren't necisarily my favorites... but just an idea of how different our taste is! But I really do love the suits Mahina picked out too!

oh yeah... so if you're wondering, we found these suits at


Bridget said...

Those are so great! If I looked as cute in a swimsuit as either of you I would want to buy a ton of them too!

Allison said...

Those are the best lap-swim suits that I have ever seen! I'm definitely going to check out the site.

Nick and Alysha said...

MALIA! Yes I am a blogger now :) Where have ya been girlfriend we need to hang out!! What are you guys doing for easter?!? Well Give me a call sometime

Mahina said...

i had a blast! it's so crazy how we were able to shop together again, while we are thousands of miles away! i just showed mitch your choices and he said, "oh yeah! why didn't you get that pink one! malia has a long way to go with you!" haha! shop with me more often and you might rub off more each time!

i can't wait to get my suits!

tutu lady said...

Wow, Nice suits, I like all of them. If only I could be seen in any one of them. sigh! I'm over being old!

Vogels said...

ok soo i love that website! i might buy a suit off of it. Levi and I went into town to find me a modest suit and didn't find a thing under $100.. thank you!