Monday, August 17, 2009

The Hobie Cat

Saturday we had such a fun day! We started out in the morning doing a Highway cleanup with the restaurant that Stuart works at. That got us up and going nice and early. After that we got our longboards and went up to sunset beach for a little surf. It wasn't great but it was a beautiful day and nice to get in the water. We had some errands to run in Laie and just as we were finishing them up we saw our friend Mark who was just about to take out the Hobie Cat with his son. He invited us to come and we jumped at the chance!

Atticus is ready to launch!

Captain Mark

Stuart helping prepare.


I got the SPECIAL seat! It was super cool!!

We went out to Goat island and played in the water for a bit.
Looks fun doesn't it?!

We had a blast out on the water! And it was just a chance happening so it was fun to be so spontaneous! We're pretty spontaneous already but this was something so new! Mark's awesome and we're lucky to have such a fun friend!


mahina said...

i love, love, LOVE, that picture of you in the water! so cool!

Nana said...

Fun pictures and a fun look at your like in Hawaii. (Mom couldn't help noticing Stu's haircut!)

Malia said...

Wow... even under the hat you noticed! He went to get a trim and it turned out like a missionary cut. That always seems to happen with trims!

tutu lady said...

You guys look great and what a life! Enjoy it while you can. You're quite the sailors. As for me, not so much water anywhere in site, except the pool at the Scottsdale AZ Resort. It was probably 110* F today. It's past 10:00p now and about 88*F.

On that last picture, What's that sticking in your ear?

Malia said...

Haha... thats just part of the sail... didn't even notice it until you said that mom!

the peine's said...

Stuart- You & your wife are so cute! Looks like you guys have a fun life! Hawaii looks AMAZING! We are headed there on the 1st...I can't wait!! Take Care

Kim Tucker Peine

Matty and Lindsay said...

whoa...stu and malia...blogs are cool...we're new to this...we just graduated from jah book...sick to see you at goats today...eee

B&A said...

LOVE all the photos!! The last one is so cute of you two! =) This looks like such a fun day!

Erin and James said...

i looove that picture of you! gorgeous! what a fun day!