Thursday, January 17, 2008

We miss Brett Karen and Scotty!!! =(

We are so happy to be back home! However there is definitely one thing thats missing..... for any of you who have ever lived in married student housing such as TVA, you know that every semester things change, people graduate and move out. Until this last semester, that never really affected us too much. WE MISS OUR FRIENDS!!!! Brett Karen and Scotty... we want you to know that every time we walk by your apartment we get sad... and you know that we have to walk by there a lot seeing we lived in the same building!
We miss the beach days with you, we miss not having to use a phone to call you, we miss scotty opening the door when we walk by, we miss how he would escape your apartment and come upstairs to ours! we miss scotty's strongman and how he would get into EVERYTHING! We miss surfing with you, we miss Scotty running up to the piano and playing along with the Organ in sacrament meeting!

We are glad that we got to see you in California but we do miss you and are ready for you to come back home whenever you are!


Mahina said...

i didn't know that you were able to see so many of your friends while you were home! that is so awesome! it really WAS a great trip for you, huh?