Thursday, January 17, 2008

BFF Reunion!

While in Newport we were able to get together for lunch with my Best Friends from High school! Andie and Camille! We have so many fun memories together and I love that we are still able to keep in touch! After high school we all went our separate ways, I flew off to Hawaii, Camille went to Utah and Andie stayed based in California (she went away to Utah for a bit and off to Europe for a while but California was always Home for her). Camille's home is back in California now as well. Now that I live on a rock in the middle of the sea I dont get to spend much time with them so it was nice just to be able to see them for that short time!

Not just the girls but our husbands too! This was a first!

Love you guys!!! Remember our girls week in Hawaii... I'm ready for that whenever you are!


Andie Foy said...

WooHoo!! We made the blog! =)I hope you don't think of us as JUST high school friends. hehe J/K...That was so so fun to get all of us together! I am so glad you came! I wish we could see more of you guys. We will work on that Hawaii trip! =) Love ya!!

Andie Foy said...

PS- We have to get Camille to join the world of blogs! =)

Malia said...

No definitely not just highschool... we've been friends since before I remember... and I guess camille was here in elementary but I didn't go to the same school as you guys... hmmm... well my mistake... It was great to see you guys too! And I definitely agree that camille needs to get on this blogging thing! Thats our next mission! Love you guys! sorry Brody is gone... he'll be home soon!

Mahina said...

what a fun reunion!