Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Kauai weekend getaway!

*This is a really long post... so if you want to skip all the details: We went to Kauai, and had a blast! Now you can go down to the bottom to see a few photos of our adventures! But if you want the long story here it is....

This last weekend Stuart and I took a quick trip over to Kauai. We took the 1st flight out in the morning and the last flight home the next night. It was a fast 2 days but such a fun trip! We were having so much fun that I didn't remember to get the camera out until the last 1/2 of our second day there.

A LONG review of what went down:
Landed in Lihue and walked out to the parking lot where our friend's uncle parked his car earlier that morning for us to take and use for our 2 days there (he flew out and we flew in, so instead of the car sitting there for 2 days building up a big parking ticket, he let us borrow it). Stuart got a text that said "walk out to parking lot turn right and walk 45 steps". Hahaha! I love how small and simple that airport was!

We were lucky enough to be able to stay with my friend Joy's Parents. They were so welcoming to us and are some of the nicest people I know (it's so obvious where Joy gets it from)! We had some breakfast and headed off to Hanalei. They even let us borrow some boards so we could surf. When we got there it was a bit rainy and cloudy and once we paddled out, the clouds clear out and we could see the big green mountains with waterfalls spread all across! It was such an amazing view! Complete paradise! I know, I know I should have taken a picture, sorry.

After a 2 hour surf sesh we grabbed a bite to eat and headed back to Lihue for the purpose of our trip, the mini water polo tournament. They have put together a little club team on Kauai and wanted to invite some polo players over for the 1st ever water polo tournament for that island! It was so much fun. We had a great team of 8 or 9 players, so we all got plenty of PT. It was super casual and fun and everyone had a great time!

*little side note: My man Stuart is SO GOOD! I never got to see him play because the polo program was cut right after we met. I'm quite impressed with his water polo skills!

So they put on a nice BBQ for us after we were done playing which was perfect! By that time we were exhausted and ready to go home and crash. Which we basically did. We went back to the house and were asleep by 7:30! (oh yeah, we had to wake up at 4:30am that morning so that explains why we were so tired) It felt so good to sleep and we got 12 hours in! Which was nice so we would be ready to play another game of polo!

We went back to the house after our game (and brought our friend Janna from the teamalong) and had lunch with Auntie Liane and Uncle Mark (Joy's parent's) and were able to hang out and talk with them for a while. We still had quite a bit of time before we had to go to the airport so we decided to go for a drive and check some stuff out. We drove by a lighthouse and then wanted to find some dessert so we drove until we found some ice cream! It was perfect!

Our trip was absolutely wonderful!!! And it was a nice little warm-up or practice round for our travels to New York next week!

We drove past this place on our way to and from the pool and airport and I just loved the name of the store, not to mention these cute statues! It was called "Two Frogs Hugging"

I had to get a photo of them before we left and when we pulled in, we realized that there were these gigantic chairs out in front that we NEEDED to climb on top of and take some pics! Plus we were just killing some time.

Here we are in front of the sign of a place we didn't actually eat. Just thought it would be funny to take the photo.

Sorry it's been so long since my last post, but as you can see, We are having so much fun!!! My husband is the best ever! And we are living the good life for sure!

I bet you can't tell me that those frogs aren't the cutest ever! Can you???


Stuart said...

what a fun trip. we love the magellson family!!!! thank you so much for letting us crash at your house!!!! and mahalo to uncle Kamu and Auntie laola for letting us use there car...the two families made this trip a lot easier on our budget. who wants to stay in a hotel room anyway??? ps it was my idea to take the photo on the huge chairs. yeah thats right internet-dom, im a take-all-the-credit hog. haha

i love traveling with my beautiful and talented wife. shes also a super stud waterpoloist'.

B&A said...

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!! It is so fun to see a post with photos of the two of you out and about! =) The trip looks (and reads) like it was a blast!! I love the chair photos!

Can't wait to see the NYC re-cap! =) Love ya lot's!

Alysha said...

Man you guys take so many trips! I wish we could take half the trips you do! Have fun in NEW YORK!! SOOO LUCKY

Allison said...

I love that you can take a quick "no big deal" trip to Kauai. For may people, that is a trip of a lifetime. :) Thanks for the details on your trip, and remember to take you camera out sooner on your new york trip!

DavidyAshley Bowen said...

hah! I love those giant chairs! The ultimate relaxation chair! Glad you guys had fun! we need to go on a trip together someday!

ashley said...

the frogs are cute, but you guys are cuter! what a fun trip!

Nana said...

Fun to see you and hear about the trip. You will have to go back to snap a pic of the mountains and waterfalls. (Stu - your grandma Towse was a sucker for waterfalls.)

tutu lady said...

Awe, what fun. I'd love to see ya'll play water polo!
Thanks for the post. Do it again soon. Enjoy NYC!!!