Friday, October 16, 2009

I can see clearly now....

I haven't gone to the eye doc in an extremely long time... I finally decided it was time to go because I was sure that my contacts that are over 4 years old were not the right prescription anymore. Not only that but these days these eyes are my money maker! I've got to take care of these babies! Since I don't have insurance, and I don't have any loyalty to any doctors, I went to the Costco eye people. It was quick and (mostly) painless and they tested my eyes and checked them out. They gave me a knew prescription and sent me home with some free loot (actually, I guess I paid for it in my bill) as well as crystal clear vision!! I'm not sure if it is possible for better vision to make colors seem more vibrant or if the last few days have just been absolutely beautiful out here! It's hard to tell but either way, I'm enjoying my new contacts!

While I'm enjoying my clear vision... I'm still longing for some laser eye surgery so I can be done with the hassle of contacts. I get so lazy with my eyes that I would end up just sleeping with them in... for days and days at a time. I know how bad that can be, I got scoldings from Doc when I was there and I have already changed my ways. I now take out my contacts every night before climbing into bed. I guess I need to start an EYE Fund then maybe in a few years I can do it! Wish me luck!


mahina said...

you are lucky you haven't gotten an infection! i'm glad the doc scolded you! haha! glad you can see clearly! you seriously should start an eye fund because mitch LOVES his new eyes!

tutu lady said...

Gee, if you start an eye fund - that takes all the guesswork out of gift giving. I like it!