Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I know you feel like I've neglected you! And I truly am sorry. And this post probably won't make you feel any better. It might make you laugh... or at least smile.

I help a gecko move away from home today. I don't know if he wanted a new life but he sure has one now. I hopped on my bike this morning to go to work (subbing at the high school) as I peddled away from home I noticed I had a little friend along for the ride. A cute little gecko. I wasn't sure if he would jump off but I kept my eye on him and he just stayed put. All the way down to the elementary school. He was just cruizin on my little black basket. I had to go off a little curb and when that happens, my basket bounces quite a bit. When the first tire went off it bounced him off the basket and onto my bag sitting inside the basket. However when the second tire made the drop, it bounced him right out of the basket. He landed on the ground and scurried away to explore his new life.... i'm pretty sure they aren't like cats and he won't be finding his way home to P-Loop. This was like moving to the other side of the world in gecko land.

Image Credit: Google images


B&A said...

(Yay! A new post!)
lol. Hope he likes his new land!It's like he's on vacation!=)

I blinded one while we were over there! Took his photo too close and forgot to turn the flash off! =(

DavidyAshley Bowen said...

haha! that is awesome! great pic!

tutu lady said...

Nice lookin gecko. Look at all the colors on him. He looks different than the geckos at TuTu Ladies in Kahaluu. Maybe it's just your creative photography.
Have a great Surf comp. tomorrow.