Friday, November 9, 2007

The best surprise ever!!!!

On wednesdsay afternoon stuart and I got of work right at the same time so we were able to walk home together. When I met him at the back gate, he said he had a surprise for me.... he said we were going to go somewhere and do something we've been wanting to do for a while... i was completely confused and had no idea what he was talking about. he said to wear my suit in case we got in the water and that threw me off. so we drove a couple blocks away, we stopped in front of a house I'd never been to and he said to stay there.... a few minutes later, he walked around the corner with this guy in his arms!!!

(sorry not a very good picture... its blurry and you can't even see his cute face... but I wanted a picture of just him!) Everyone this is Baloo!

Needless to say I was sooooo excited when stuart walked out with baloo! Baloo belongs to our friends Lacey and Seth and I had seen pictures of Baloo on Lacey's facebook and thought he was the cutest thing ever! so we got to take baloo for a little while

I jumped in the back of Tank (our truck for those of you who are not familiar with the name of our truck) with Baloo and we drove down the road to Hukilau beach where we took Baloo out to run around in the sand.

After the beach we went back home and so he could visit with our little friend Scottie.... a little sidestory about scottie, he loves dogs and if hes at home sometimes he'll ask to watch the doggie videos, we found some cool videos of these same kind of dogs that he likes to watch over and over again... so we knew he'd love to meet Baloo!We have a big grassy area right outside our apartment so we brought baloo there and let him loose! Scottie was already out there, he was a little shy at first...

But he got over that pretty quick! Dont worry.... thats a face filled with pure joy, excitement and laughter!

Scottie was so nice to share his ball with Baloo and they played fetch together! Scottie would throw the ball and Baloo would run after it and usually bring it back. =)

I think we tired Baloo out pretty good! Its a good thing Scottie can't throw it too far (dont get me wrong... he's got a great arm for a not even 2 year old! We let Baloo rest for a bit... get a drink... while scottie waited patiently

and then he got a little wagon ride

Baloo was so grateful and showed his gratitude by giving Scottie lots and lots of kisses!

Like all good things, our time with Baloo had to come to an end... so we had scottie walk Baloo back out to Tank

I'm not really sure who was walking who though...

We had such a fun time with Baloo! and can't wait to do it again! Thanks Lacey for letting us play with him!
Since we don't have kids or pets... we have to steal our friends pets and take them to play with our friends kids so we can have some fun and fun stuff to blog about! ;) but we really really did love it! and we LOVE BALOO!!!!


Mrs.Foy said...

That looks like such a fun day! And that dog is really cute. The photos are adorable!! =) Love the posts! Sorry you wont be here for christmas. We'll miss ya! Well I do miss you! =) Take care!

Mahina said...

what a cute post, malia! scottie is adorable and baloo is cute!

at first i thought you were going to say that you guys got a puppy!

i was looking at lacey's blog the other day and thought baloo looked familiar when i saw your pictures!

i love your shorts, too!

Malia said...

no i wish we got a puppy!!! When we're out of TVA we're planning on getting this same kind of puppy! Isnt he the cutest?! and yeah scottie is pretty cute too and really funny!

Seth and Lacey said...

hahaha! I love the picture of Baloo in the truck! He looks so happy! haha. When you guys brought him back he pretty much just passed out and went to sleep because he was so tired! You can totally borrow him whenever you want. Scottie is soooo cute- I bet he loved taking baloo in his wagon!

tutu lady said...

Scottie, what a cutie. Baloo, cute? He looks like one tough dog. Can you even pick him up?

We saw same cute lil' hapa kids at Abe's wedding today. You know he married a girl from Hawaii. The new Mr & Mrs. Inouye. Dad's doing a video for them. What a cute couple!