Sunday, January 30, 2011

I'm Coming to America!

We've been out here in Fiji for almost 7 months now and it is AWESOME!  We love it!  We're living the dream for us in this stage of our life.  Next week I'll be taking a break from this dream for a little bit and coming back to the states!  Out here in Fiji we meet some great people and we were lucky enough to meet our friend Michelle who is a pilot for Continental airlines.  She was nice enough to offer to let me fly on her buddy pass to get back to visit friends and family!  So next week i'll be taking off for about a month.  I don't know my complete schedule just yet but I'll be stopping in New Mexico so I can meet my sweet new nephews Makaio and Maui, Las Vegas to attend the HUGE photography convention: WPPI, California to see more family, and hopefully Hawaii for a few days!  I can't wait for this big trip! And there's no way I would be able to do this without Michelle's kindness!  I'm so grateful because I really wanted to see Makaio and Maui as Babies but didn't know if I'd be able to!  And now I will! 

Unfortunately I'll be gone for Stuart's and my birthday and Valentines Day but Stuart told me I should go anyway.  We'll just have to celebrate before and after the trip :) 

A few things i'll be missing while I'm gone:

  • My one true love (Stuart of course)

  • Mochi-Me Time

  •  Kitty

  • The surf (it's supposed to be really good during the months of feb and march)

  • Stuart's Birthday
  • My Birthday
  • Valentine's Day

  • Our Christmas presents to each other will be arriving while i'm gone (custom surfboards!!!)  I can't wait to see pictures of them!  And when I do, I'll share them with YOU!

A few things I'm looking forward to:

  • Seeing all these people!!!  (and more)

  • Cold weather.... and hot showers
  •  Frozen Yogurt!!!  Yogurt Land anyone???

  • Attending WPPI for the 1st time!!!  
  • Getting my hair cut!!!  Finally... and donating it :)

I'm trying to work a little while i'm on my trip to help pay for it so if you or anyone you know wants a photo session with me while i'm in any of those places let me know!  You can contact me at MaliaJohnsonPhotography{at}gmail{dot}com to check availability and rates!  


DavidyAshley Bowen said...

That is so rad and lucky! well, I hope you do get to stop here for a few days! our couch is pretty cozy,we can have a sleepover!

Kylee said...

Sounds like fun Malia! You are a great sister, always visiting after new babies arrive! How will Stu survive without you? :)

The MacGregors said...

Have a TON of fun! I know what you mean about missing birthdays, holidays, etc. But they're just days- you can't miss the chance of a lifetime just to celebrate something on it's specific "anniversary". Take tons of pictures [like I know you will], but make sure you post them too! It's too bad you're not coming up to Idaho, we could use some pictures... sure you don't wanna go that far north? ;)

mahina said...

can't wait! the boys are excited to meet their auntie!! so close, just a few more days!!!

tutu lady said...

Awesome! Can't wait to see you. You're gonna love holding those twins. See you soon!