Wednesday, November 10, 2010

#3: Add to our Family of 2. CHECK!!!

I've been slacking big time.  I've also noticed that I've checked off a few things from my 101 in 1001 list so I need to update the list and blog about some of them... The interesting ones at least.  #3 is: Add to our family of 2.  Now don't get too excited just yet.  We're not having a baby within the next nine months... but we have added to our family.  We have 2 "Kids" now.  A boy and a girl named Kitty and Mochi.  Here's a little video of them.  

Kitty is great!  She likes to eat spiders and cockroaches which I love!!!  She also keeps any rats away... I haven't seen any around since we brought her home.  Unfortunately she also likes to eat geckos and these cute little birds that hang around our house.  It was so sad the first time I saw it... but now its no big deal as long as she doesn't bring it inside the house I'm fine with it... Survival of the fittest (or biggest, sneakiest, and quickest) right?

I've always, always, ALWAYS wanted a puppy... and know we have one!  Mochi is awesome!  He's so cute and he can swim :)  We took him out on a stand up paddle board and went up the river... we had a few spills but nothing he couldn't handle.  Such a trooper.  Mochi loves to play with Kitty... I'm not so sure the opposite is true.  Mochi just wants to play but he tends to be a little too ruff with his sister... good things she's tough and can handle it :)

Kitty is a funny girl... I think sometimes she thinks she's a puppy because whenever we come home from somewhere, she's always running out to greet us... it's pretty awesome!  We love our Kids!  They're so fun!

ps...  we've learned how to use iMovie so we're making videos now :)  ENJOY!


Anonymous said...

Awww kitty is soooo cute :)
It was so cute when Mochi jumped, what a brave puppy.

You look so beautiful in the last shot, tan and glowy :)

Tamara said...

my most favorite post ever! :)

mahina said...

too cute!

Ashley said...

he he! I love that they are friends!

Nana said...

nice to have someone glad to see you when you come home! They have no idea they are living the dream.

The Foys said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE the footage of Mochi riding in the back of the truck!! SO CUTE!! The video was awesome!! : ) What cute kiddies you have!!

tutu lady said...

Hi, love the video! What a cute family. I'd love to see more. How about one video a week? keep on makin' em and soon you'll be famous world class videographers!!