Saturday, May 30, 2009

Life is good!

Yes we are still alive! I don't know if anyone is still out there but for those of you still here... thank you for not giving up on me and this little 'ol blog.

You would think that with Stuart being out of school, things would be less busy and I'd have more time to blog. Not so... we are just as busy as we were when he was in school but now we're busy with fun! It's been a great couple of months and we're looking forward to many more coming up!

*Stuart has been working (about the same amount as he was when he was in school) at the restaurant Ola and is really enjoying himself there. He's moved up to be a "Grand Peacock" as they call themselves which is a night time server, a few times a week. Stuart loves it because he basically has all day to surf and play and then he goes in to work... not a bad schedule.

*I have been subbing at the high school but the end of the school year is next week. I've really enjoyed myself.

*Stuart is always off on Wednesdays and Sundays. So I put myself unavailable to sub on wednesdays so we can have our "Date Days" then. The past couple months we've had a bunch of "Surf Dates". Sometimes people crash our dates and it gets a little crowded but we've also been lucky enough to have some really great surf just the 2 of us! A great date for sure, plus you can't beat the price!

*Stuart and I both have callings in our new ward. First Stuart was called as the scout leader for the 11 year olds! Sounds like fun especially since this is our first time in a family ward (not just a married student ward). A few weeks later I was called as the Den Leader for the wolf cub scouts! Talk about a calling I never even thought about! I already went on a little hike with the boys! It was fun and I think I'll have a great time in this calling!

*We have some fun things set on the horizon that we are sooooo looking forward to!

~First Mom (stuart's) is coming out for a whole week! Stuart has his graduation ceremony next saturday so she's coming out for that! And we're gonna have some fun!!!

~We also are all set for our trip to panama in July! This will be my first time out of the country so I get to use my sad little passport that I got a while back thinking i'd be using it last year! We have a few friends going and Kawika will be there with his friends too! Can't wait!

~A little less than a week after getting home from Panama, i'll be flying out to Utah to shoot my first wedding! My friend Jana is getting married and asked me to be her photographer! I can't wait for this! It'll be so fun to see her get Sealed and then be able to capture some magical moments between her and her husband to be! Plus I've been wanting to get into wedding photography and this will be perfect! Great family and great couple and people I already know!

We've got a summer jam packed with fun ahead of us! And i hope to keep you updated on all of it!

And because every post is better with a picture.... here's my man the graduate! This is from a shoot we did for his graduation announcements which you'll see soon!

Man what a hottie!


Scrappy said...

I LOVE that picture. So great!
I wish you guys were in my ward. I was just called as the Cub Scout Committee Chair and I think you guys would be such great leaders! You have a lucky ward. :)
I can't wait to see pictures and posts from this summer. Keep us posted!

Michal said...

i wish that i could send kimball on some hikes with you. that's something our den hasn't done, and i'm sure that the hikes in hawaii are some of the best.

sounds like a great summer. any plans on the horizon for a visit to northern cal?

Mahina said...

you're right, i knew most of this stuff already! haha!

i love your"surf dates!" how fun! love you guys!

tutu lady said...

Nice to hear that you're still there. Nice catch up. Congrats on your new callings. Sounds Great! Yah, Stuart looks like a really serious student. Have fun in the sun. Love ya'll. Enjoy the Nana visit. Wish we were there too. CONGRATULATIONS, Stuart!!!!
Love, The other Mom and Dad.