Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Well I Did IT!!! I have completed the master cleanse! 10 days without food. Well 11 if you count today. I have to ease off of this lemonade and into food slowly by starting with drinking Orange juice today!!! Tomorrow will be veggie soup but most just the broth, then the next day I get to eat the veggies from the soup! So I'm pretty excited about this! I wish I could stay on it longer but I get to go on vacation with Mahina so I'm ending it today so I can eat semi normal by the time im with the Masons! Benefits from the Cleanse: It got rid of the mucus, I used to be all congested in the mornings through the afternoon but since the cleanse I am no longer like that! I havent had the headaches that I used to get so thats nice! Weight... I'm not sure how much I lost because we don't have a scale here, but I did take measurements! And I lost a few inches!!! The area I lost the most was my waist at 3 inches! I'm sure some of that will return but I'm going to work really hard to keep them away! So I'm pretty happy with my results even though I want to go longer. This lemonade is great!!! Love it! Ok well I better get back to work! Thanks for reading! I'll get some pictures up soon hopefully... I know blogs w/out pictures arent all that exciting! Aloha!


Mahina said...

sorry you cut it short because of me! i didn't have to, you know. although my in-laws might think you were a little crazy if you just drank lemonade the whole time you were at the cabin. can't wait, only 5 more days!!